I wasn't against giving a pacifier to my daughter. She just never really liked it. When she was a newborn she would take a paci on occassion if she was very tired, but just never really wanted one and now doesn't use one at all. Just know that if you do use the pacifier they usually do get attached and you will have to go through getting them off of it eventually. ​

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    Both my girls took one for about 3-4 months and they just stopped taking it one day.
      I like your approach.. much like ours will be. If he/she wants/uses/needs one.. it's fine, not the end of the world.. if not, it's fine too. A nurse told me that if they like to SUCK to self soothe, you should give them the paci option.. if not, they will find something ELSE to suck.. ie.. fingers, thumbs. Each baby is so different so I dislike when some Moms urge you NOT to let them use one..
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        I didn't use them. Just me but that's what suckling at the breast is for. My first two sucked their thumbs, my third imitated her sisters but never really sucked her thumb - it was cute though and the rest never needed a pacifier or finger etc. because they had enough time at the breast nursing.
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