My Rock!

So I know my hubby will never see this post.. I don't THINK he will.. but I have to boast at least tonight.. it's one of those.. "oh my gosh what the HECK would I ever ever ever do without this dude in my life" type moments tonight.. let me explain.

I work from home, while watching the babe, and that can be HARD. I was having a totally off day.. my head hurt, so tired, sleepy, down and out about a few things, just in an awful funk, crying here and there, being emotional.. I also had a meeting I had to get to at 7pm.. So here, all day, while my husband was at work, we were texting and I was being dramatic.. he was doing his best to pick me up.. then suddenly, he left work early.. arrived home, swooped in, took care of the little guy, told me to go work or take my time getting ready for my meeting... please note he had been up since 4:30AM to workout and then go to work.. whoa. I left and he barely ate a dinner, played with the little guy, bathed him solo, fed him.. and I come home to two happy boys on the couch. I feel blessed and just had to share. Ever have one of those moments?

    I do I love them!
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