Less than three days I can do it!

As we all know there's someone here with a child that gets not instruction disipline or care really. The child in question instigates with Bentley and when Bentley retaliates I don't do nothing. Some people may see this as wrong but I see it as if your not gonna stop yours why shouldn't Bentley defend himself. I vocalized this tonight and it blew up the whole house. Child's mother was yelling at everyone and acting like we were blaming her over a me saying something. I can't wait til Saturday some people just need to get a life and get over themselves. The kid was in the hospital over the weekend with pnumonia a virus and an ear infection, instead of spending $40 on a prescription the mother buys him shoes because he wouldn't have gotten sick if he had the right shoes. She also bought herself cigarettes. She won't even let him feed himself because she "doesn't feel like cleaning it up" how ridiculous is that! I feel bad for the kid honestly and normally I don't let Bentley get away with being mean to him but you reach a breaking point after so long and I'm not gonna let him get picked on and then disipline him for defending himself.

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
I seriously felt the same way it was a statement that got blown way out of proportion I mean come on
    Only a few more days! Yay! You got this...only a few more days. Just keep repeating that to yourself. You're almost there.
      I am sorry you are having a tough time!
        8Theresa Gould
        I'm sorry about the whole drama. What a drain.
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