Off Schedule

Mamas, do your babies ever get off schedule after a long weekend, weekend trip or house guests? Monroe is STILL awake and normally he goes to bed around 8.. (Insert bulging eyes) haha

    We let her stay up until she's tired(10:30 - 11pm), then I nurse her and she's out for the night.
      Oh my, lets see I have this nighttime routine, i cook dinner, we eat, Carter gets his bath, then I put lotion in him, then Pjs, he goes gives his dad a kiss night and then comes back to me to tuck him in. But I did notice when he would stay the weekend at my dads he would fight be me to go to bed, finally broke that, now when em he stays at the other grandparents for one night, he comes back and its still a battle but doesnt take long for him to snap back into the routine.
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