Do any of you moms have a routine for anything?

We have a nighttime/bedtime routine for Carter. We used to let him stay up til he passed out but then we realized he was still gettin up at 8am no matter how late he stayed up. Let's just say he wasn't the happiest baby. So I made this bedtime routine. I cook dinner, we eat, then he gets a bath at 8:00, I put pjs and lotion on him, tell him to go give daddy a night night kiss, then he comes back and I tuck him in and walk away. I try to have him in bed by 9:00-9:30. And oh my does it make things ALOT easier to have a routine down. Then a new one we started was every morning he wakes up, he hands me or his dad his pacifier (we take away during the day to Try to break it, and so he will learn to talk). I'm trying to fit a potty training routine type thing in but so far no ideas yet. Its hard trying to get a routine going and to keep it going.

    With potty training I suggesting starting slow and simple. When he wakes up in the morning and you change the diaper for the first time have him sit on the potty. Every time you change his diaper have him sit in the potty, even if he doesn't go potty it is still good for him to practice sitting on it each time. Have him sit on it before and after his bath too. Good luck!
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      We have always had a routine. Our children seem to expect and thrive from it. Routines can change from stage to stage of your child (children's development) and that's ok. Just go with it.
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