Baby throwing up

Okay ladies well tonight my little sweetheart cluster fed from about 8:30 till 11:30 and of course I was burping her during and after each time. But the last time I put her upright and she burped and then I feel like everything she ate just came out of her and all over me and bed( good thing I washed my other sheets) but after I had my shower she was acting real hungry again..... I tried to get her to go to sleep without it but she was very fussy and pretty much demanding it so I am now feeding her.... She didn't seem like she was I. Pain it was just a quick burp followed by a lot of throw up! I think that maybe she could have overfed herself and then let it all out.... I let her sometimes suck on my nipple to soothe her so she can sleep. I have tried the paci but she either gags or spits it out..

Is this normal?
Is it okay that I fed her after she puked?
Have any of you experience this with your newborn!

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      I agree with Laura. Mine do that sometimes. And sometimes they act hungry when they have a burp stuck.
        I have had this happen before too, it's completely normal. My daughter wouldn't and still wont take a pacifier.
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