Good or bad idea: California to Require Breastfeeding Rooms at Airports

Good or bad idea: California to require breastfeeding rooms at airports?

I like the idea but I like my privacy while breastfeeding. I think it is a step in the right direction that they are actually thinking of nursing moms. I'm not sure how many pumping moms actually want to pump in public, do you?…

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I like the idea. Even if it's just a little conference room somewhere-only moms and young kids allowed sort of thing. Some moms are perfectly comfortable nursing in the airport waiting areas, other moms prefer to be in private.. With mine I prefer a quiet corner if we are out, other they won't eat well because they hear a noise and want to know what it is, and you can't do that and nurse. :D

    Our little airport in Sioux Falls has a nursing/changing room, really tiny, mor like a converted broom closet, but it's there and it was a blessing when we were waiting on family to fly in. Likewise the mall has a place, too (along the the dozens of stores that encourage use of their rooms for nursing).

    I've heard the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport which has a jungle gym for young travelers waiting encourages breastfeeding at the jungle gym.
      I like the idea, the jcpenny here has a nursing room with a rocker and a changing table in it. It was really nice when I was nursing bentley
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