How do you teach your child to handle stray dogs?

Mini came into the house a little whole ago from a walk with her friend. She told me as they were walking a strange dog approached them. It didn't growl or bark, just stared at them with its ears perked up. While she knew it was probably friendly I have taught my kids not to approach dogs they don't know.

How do you and your kids handle stray dogs? Does it make a difference if they seem aggressive vs not aggressive?

    It does make a difference how they behave, but we usually try to ignore them and keep walking.. I have kicked a dog who I thought was going to hurt my kids.

    That being said, we did have a stray that followed us around a few months ago. If she had followed us home, I would have let her in the garage, got her food and water and called somebody. Despite my best efforts, the kids petted her, but she was friendly so I wasn't too worried.
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