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So I was trying to weigh the pros and cons of a sound machine. We have used them in the past and I was thinking about getting one for our youngest hoping it would help her sleep through the night. But then I got to thinking about it and wondered if it is actually a good idea? I think it would help her sleep because it drowns out noises and can be comforting but then is it good to have our kids "sleep taught" to sleep through noises? I am a very light sleeper and my husband is a very heavy sleeper and I think it is better is a lot of ways to be a light sleeper. What is there were something to go wrong in the middle of the night? Id like my kids to have that sense to wake up as opposed to sleeping like a log. Thoughts?

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    Tristen has one. Our house is pretty creaky though being older and his room is right by the bathroom. So before we got it he was always waking up. It has helped us so much with keeping him asleep. He is a light sleeper and any noise other than the noise machine wakes him up. We don't have it on very loud but it's just enough to help him sleep a little more soundly.
      We keep a fan in our daughter's room to use as white noise. I actually didn't plan on doing that, but I use one in our room for myself. When our daughter was a newborn, she slept in our room in a bassinet. I guess she got used to the fan because when we transferred her into her own room, she wouldn't sleep without the fan. It's kind of funny though. Whenever we travel to my in-laws house for a visit, we have to bring two fans with us. One for me and one for her.
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