So, blood.

I know I updated you guys that I had a BFP yesterday, and though they are still there today, a bit fainter.

And I'm bleeding. Not tons, but it has definitely picked up.

So... maybe baby? Maybe not.

Trying to just keep a level head about me and not freak out too hard. Whatever happens will happen I suppose. Just hope I don't have to deal with this back to back like this. :(

Luckily I have a wonderful neighbor (who is also having a tough time) to spend the day with today. And we had a lovely Thanksgiving giveaway. Guess I still have things to be grateful for.

I called. They said I could go Wednesday or wait til next week in case this picks up, so I chose to wait until next week to try to have a happy holiday.

Thanks for the hopes. Trying to stay chin up, like you said.
    8Theresa Gould
    Hope all is ok. Keep us posted. I know it's not fun and it's disheartening. Hugs!
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