Can your baby...

Sleep through a TRAIN!?

I ask because Monroe and I were literally so close to some train tracks on a gorgeous walk and a train came chugging by as he slept.. But guess what, he still slept!! :)

I complain sometimes about his lack of naps.. But in reality he's such a good baby :)

    Yes...we have train tracks a few blocks from the house and when K is out she does not hear anything. It's different when she is awake or half alsleep. Then her eyes get big for a few seconds until we tell her what that sound is and go back to playing.
      Yes. I just hope she continues to be a heavy sleeper like her dad. Every little sound wakes me up, though have gotten use to the train whistle the two times during the night.
        I live in NYC, probably the noisiest city in the daughter can nap in the subway, which I heard is about as loud as a jackhammer...
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