Do you ever..

Get caught up in how you THINK things should look or be being a parent.. sometimes I do.. and I think I'm not doing a good job, should be doing things differently, etc.. I try to remind myself I am Monroe's best Mom.. but it's hard sometimes!

    Everyone has a different parenting style, just remember its not a race or a competition its about loving your child and showing/teaching them about the world.
      when I had my son the hospital had a group of ladies due the same time. They ranged from the 5th of dec to the 7th of january..there was 4 in total. 2 were born close to begining of dec a girl and a boy then me and another lady due end of dec. My son was born 31 and other lady had a girl the 7th of jan. And I feel like my son should be potty trained better or even started and maybe know abc But of the 4 my son was talking Way before the rest and he Loves to read( not even 2 yet. Doesnt really read) loves books... he says all kinds of words... sometimes just feel frustrated. But know he will potty train when he wants And with a new baby hopefully coming soon I willn t have time to potty train.. and put in big boy bed... sorry these are my issues... just frustrated.
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