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Sorry for not being here for so long. I started a new job. I have a question i would like to ask you mothers. So at the end day we had a meeting, and the manager stated that she does not care about any body here except for her family. Just like she hired ever body she will fire everybody. Now as a new person i you would of think you don't want your new employee to be in a conversation like that. She says that the office has had a lot of chitter chatter going around about her. She also stated that rather get rid of every one and get a whole new crew. Mind you i just started. So i am asking you mothers. What am i walking into. Do you think this job is worth me staying or should i find another?

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I am a 42 year old mother with 2 kids. My son with mild cause of down syndrome trying to get him into acting and involved in Special Olympics. My daughter who is a model getting her star-tum. My husband who works for the biggest company Avon doing (IT)