In House Sitter!

Mamas.. do any of you have sitters come TO your house, while you work during the day? I am going to start exploring this option. I feel like it would fit for us.. I would love to know if you have done the same before, if it worked, being close by, but letting them know you need time solo and their job is to care for the baby.

    Great post Meg! Actually we do have one. Her name is Jenny and she's 19 and well experienced with kids. Since I was a music teacher, actually the program that assigns me jobs found me a couple I have to choose from by tomorrow morning, she'd come and work at 7 am to 5 pm but if she stayed for dinner it was longer. She charged $10 per hour and if she has to take Emilie somewhere than we pay for the gas which is totally fine and cheaper than everyday daycare. I looked on but everyone was to pricey so I found Jenny through our church's mom's to mom's group. Feel free to ask me more about this option..:)
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