Sad :(

First off the good-I had a wonderful time with Husband on our date!

We talked of our plans for next year trying for another baby. Among things discussed was our plans for after the baby would be born.

We agree that the baby will be our last..the means by which I'm bummed about.

I am agreeing to a C section when we'd have this baby, so I am REALLY wanting my Husband to have the surgery for no more kids. He (for some reason, which he says he just doesn't want to) He isn't willing and he prefers ME to have the surgery (I am considering having my tubes tied).

The C Section would be surgery #21 (I have a physical disability which has been my reason for so many surgeries. I am willing to go through the whole pregnancy. He REFUSES to be willing to have the surgery and his reason is "I just don't want to".

Sorry to vent, but it just makes me feel a little sad.

    Mine is the same way. I think most men get a little nervous when you start talking about cutting anywhere near that area. Lol
      8Theresa Gould
      I am sorry he's so unwilling. :( I can understand why you are sad. I don't think either of you should have the surgery until you are both in agreement or there could be issues about it later on if one of you does it without really wanting to.
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