So boy scouts is a bust

We went to our first meeting with this new troop and Bub hated it. That is tough because he loved his old troop.

They had to play a game where the kids got paired up. Bub got stuck with a kid that I am guessing has some kind of behavior issues. This kid was yelling at his mom, pounding angrily on the table and refused to work with Bub.

As you might guess, this was pretty uncomfortable for my son who has difficulty with social skills. He was so confused and kept asking if we could just leave.


So now I'm looking for something else for him to try. He is adamant about not going back.

    Alyssa Martinez
    I would talk to the cub scout leader. Explain your sons social skills and say hey look this isnt working out, is there something we can do, can we pair up with someone else? Let him try again and see. If he doesnt like it then atleast you tried. If you are involved in church there is something called Royal Rangers. It is just like boy scouts. My husband taught in this program and I did the girls. Its great and has a biblical background to it.
    It wasn't just the other kid that made him dislike it. I know that was a big part of it, but he just didn't like the whole experience over all and I am 99% sure it's because this is a much bigger troop than his last one. The kids were very loud and he's incredibly sensitive to noise. So even the environment was uncomfortable to him.

    I did ask him to think about it before he decided for sure but I could already tell this wasn't a good fit for him before he even said something to me. I wasn't surprised when he said he didn't want to go back.
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