MIA again?!?! I hate that...

I've been all over the place lately so I'm sorry if I've been MIA again...My body is all out of whack and I don't know what's going on my period was weird had some spotting off and on for a couple days then nothing, then again for another couple of days now nothing since I was expecting my usual heavy period last Sat. I show signs of pregnancy but I took 2 pg tests and both are Neg. I'd thought that if I was it wouldn't be early and they would come up. I don't know...My reg. GYN is all booked up so I'm not looking forward to seeing someone new about it. I'm wondering if I have to be more than a month along for it to show on a test? Grr I'll try and be here today sorry ladies.

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      8Theresa Gould
      I agree with the others and you can always make an appointment with your doctor in case you are still having issues so you do not have to wait even longer to get in to see him/her.
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