How do you deal with a sexual dry period?

I think anyone who has been in a long term relationship, or is married, knows that you go through periods of time where sex just isn't something that happens. It may be because you are busy, maybe you just don't want it, whatever the reason it's easy to fall into that routine of just not being intimate with each other.

Ladies, what advice do you give the mommas who are dealing with this?

    Alyssa Martinez
    Me and my husband have been together 13 years and at a point I just didnt feel that passion anymore. It was the same old routine. I knew what was coming next. I didnt want to do it anymore, the kids were always there so it wasnt easy. We had a rough patch at that point but we seemed to get back to it. We try to do little things to keep us flirting and wanting each other through out the day to work it up for night time. I guess when you have been with someone so long you know they are there and you just dont want to do it. Your exhausted and just wanna sleep. Men usually are ready to go at it any time of the day but women just have WAY to much going on. I think there is nothing wrong with this. Maybe talk to your husband and see how he feels.
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