can't keep anything down.. i'm freaking out. what are foods i can try that will be easy on my stomache

    Aww I know that's no fun. I spend 6 months of my pregnancy with nausea, some foods that helped me we're Chips, pretzels, Celery sticks, apple slices, nuts, Mashed potatoes, gelatin, broth, Bread, noodles, fruity Popsicles, Juice, ginger ale and Crackers.

    In the morning eat a few crackers and rest for 15 minutes before getting up.
    Get up slowly and do not lie down right after eating. Eat small meals or snacks often so your stomach does not become empty, avoid cooking or eating spicy fatty or fried foods. My grandma gave me lemons or ginger to sniff it can sometimes help an upset stomach.
      That's a real bugger! I found ginger ale really helped me out when I felt like getting sick. Keep your diet more simple and eat less at a time, but more often throughout the day. :)
        8Theresa Gould
        With my fourth pregnancy I was only eating fruit and maybe a few carbs, with all the rest crackers were a constant in my diet.
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