Breastfeeding Positions!

Mamas.. did you nurse your baby? Do you nurse your baby?

What position do you find easiest for YOU and the BABY? Do you have a trick?

Let's throw some help out there!

I ended up using the boppy when Monroe was tiny, I loved the football hold and it really seemed to work for him and me! I wish I would have learned to let him come to me more.. I found my back hurting quite often and in retrospect, I know why :)

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    Tristen refused to eat in any position except the old classic cradle hold. I remember the nurses always trying to make me change positions when we were still in the hospital but he would just scream. He knew what he wanted. Lol
      I used the cross cradle hold to latch her on since she was born, then normal cradle hold. Football hold was used often especially through the beginning of teething too. I use the cradle hold now still, almost at a full year of nursing.
        Cradle, and Layin down worked best for us Bentley thought he needed to lay on my stomach face down in my boob to eat on occasion...he's odd.
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