I am encouraged by the fact that you realize what school your child attends is your is choice

As an educator who has taught in private, and public school I love that fact that a parent realizes that they can choose which school is the best fit for their child. Some children will shine more in larger schools while others will be more comfortable in a smaller school. Check out your community and see what options are available to you. Our older two kids went to a neighboring town's school with much larger class sizes and activities. The younger two have enjoyed the smaller intimate setting of our rural school after starting out at the Catholic school. Consider your child's personality and strengths. Visit the schools and see what the overall personality of the school is. Sitting in classrooms at different grade levels will let you make the best comparison. Best wishes with exploring your choices. Remember your decession is not a lifelong commitment you can always make an new if the school is not working for you.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Good thoughts.
      I love that we live in a country of choice... I respect everyone;s choice to do what they so choose. I would find it very hard if limitations were put on how we raise/school our children. I know there are people out there that think this must be regulated but ... THIS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT IS UP FOR DEBATE! The government has no right to come into our homes and decide how we raise / homeschool our children!
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