Husband Fight = Nesting Night

So I got in a little tiff with my hubby last night over pretty much nothing. He went to bed being pissy at me. I stayed up and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned... until my back started locking up and telling me I had to stop (about 2 hours into the process). Upside, my kitchen is sparkling and spotless, my daughter's toys are organized, and floors got a nice little wipe down. Downside, after my back told me I had to stop, I still couldn't sleep because I was still mad. I sat in the rocker in the nursery for awhile until I felt like I could finally sleep. I was kind of hoping my cleaning spree would set me into labor... Then this morning, I had to sprint, and I mean SPRINT, after my daughter several times, once to prevent her from running into the street, the other times just around the house to get diaper changed, clothes on and out the door to daycare... feisty girl this morning. I definitely expected my water to break as I was sprinting down our very long driveway after Olivia... it did not.

    Try doing a work out with a lot of squats and lunges.
      8Theresa Gould
      I hope you and your hubby can talk about things this morning but I bet you would have slept had you talked before going to bed. Never a good idea to go to bed mad. :(
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