IUD for your teen?

I read this awhile back, that teens are now able to get an IUD even if they have never had sex before. I'm honestly okay with this idea considering how birth control oopsies are frequent with this age group.

But now it may be the most common one doctors suggest for teens? Not sure how I feel about that.



    I am ok with girls getting birth control but this one just seems a little wrong for me. Just because I know all the problems I had with mine, they can fall out, they can migrate out of position, they can cause so much damage, my body rejected mine and I went into shock...and my story with one is actually pretty common. Not to mention if they fail and the girl gets pregnant there is a huge risk of ectopic pregnancy, which can cause permanent damage. It just seems like they carry more risks than a teen should have to take. The IUD to me should be more of an adult form of birth control.
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