oh my goodness! so cute

Have any of you heard of gownies from baby be mine maternity. They are hospital gowns that come in cute colors and they are 100% cotton they are a little pricey about $40 but so worth it it seems. they have matching growers for you newborn aswell how cute is that they also have pillowcases and some other cute stuff. ladies who said you cant look cute while in labor. I think i'm going to get one or a set because yeah it may be a little pricey but everything you will be getting after the birth will be for the baby so why not treat yourself a little. some people might not think its worth it but it may even be better because you wont have to use a one of the revealing hospital gowns the hospital has this gownie features snaps that are super easy to snap and stay snapped they also have snaps to where you can easily breastfeed. what do you guys think?

    8Theresa Gould
    I have heard of cute hospital gowns but am not sure if it is Baby Be Mine or not. I think it is a personal preference. I didn't go to the hospital with my last three so I wouldn't personally. I'm with Melissa and would probably spend it on nursing bras or comfy nursing top.
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