Mothers of girls????? help please.

Ok. Awkward... My daughter is 6... her privates are red... not rashy, not itchy.. red... it's been 104 here and she's sweating and playing hard all day in cotton panties... but it stings her at the end of the day... Any cream stings and it's just awful for her and me.. and terrible place for us to manage... She's at that age where she doesn't want me to look too long and I put cream on her finger and have her do it.. It's not yeast... It's like a heat rash.. I soak her in a cool bath with baking soda.. but is there something I can put on her for the day???

Poor thing... I hate that she's at school there uncomfortable... and its such a tender/private area for her.. and ME... ​

    8Theresa Gould
    Anything you put on for the daytime won't be as effective as putting it on at night because it will be washed away by her going to the bathroom throughout the day. A vinegar bath might sting but probably not because it will only be 1/4 cup to all her bath water, but it will kill any bacteria lingering there and it's what was recommended when we had one of our girls get a yeast infection at a young age.

    She isn't complaining about it hurting when going to the bathroom is she? I just thought of a bladder infection for some reason but it's been so long since any of mind had one that I cannot remember if redness goes along with it. In that case pure cranberry juice.
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