Protein in my son's Urine - Took us for a ride..

Long story short my son was up all night a few nights ago with groin pains.. was not sick.. though he did throw up.. I thought bladder infection... When I took him in next day we tested his urine and they found unusual large amounts of protein in his urine... The doc said that;s bad and a symptom of kidney issues... Cut to a quick trip to doc check to the ER for blood work and kidney ultrasound... It happened so fast and the doctor was pretty aggressive with worse case scenario and scared the crap out of me... I thought for sure by that afternoon we would be in hospital with kidney surgery or something.

Long story short... Bloodwork was perfect.. kidneys great.. everything looked good. PHEW... Thank you JESUS...

We will re test him next week and see if it's still there..

Anyone have experience here? Protein in kids urine or a Doctor that scared the you know what outta ya?????​

    normally proteins won't go through kidney's filters. Could be an indication of kidney disease or just overproduction of proteins by his body. I'm sorry about the stress from your doctor, but I think they were sending you to the ER because it could be leading to kidney failure. But, I'm glad everything just fine...Just wonder how his blood work could change to normal in the ER after really bad one in doctor's office for such a short period of time?
      8Theresa Gould
      I would be freaked out too. I'm glad all turned out well.
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