How to explain to your kids why their Aunt is Overweight.

My kids dads sister is very overweight. Obese really.. She is a lovely person, hilarious and we all enjoy her and love her to death... She was just visiting us for the weekend and she's even bigger than before.. My kids notice this but also are old enough to know not to say anything to her...

When we went to the store for snacks and dinner, she picker out herself a big thing of Dr. Pepper.. She was with us one full day and one night and drank the big thing throughout... She offered my kids some and they're not allowed to have soda so of course I said No... When she left, there was a teeny bit left in the bottle and My kids asked if they could just taste it. I let them and of course it's like they found Gold..

But I had to deter them... I wanted them to not crave soda and not crave it more that I tell them no... So, I told them that the reason that auntie was so overweigh was her food choices.. and I showed them the label and how much sugar she downed in less then 24 hours.. They asked me if I though she was fat. and I said yes.. I told them it's not a bad thing, but we worry because it can hurt her heart, etc..

I explained that having soda every now and then is OK. but not every day and that these choices I make FOR them I want them to make for themselves... I wanted to scare them but not make it seem like their aunt was irresponsble or anything.. But I was honest...

Does anyone have larger sized people in their home? Or family? Have you had to explain to your kids what that means and why?

And by larger I'm talking 180 plus overweight.. not 50.. or heavy set...​

    8Theresa Gould
    I guess I go the other way because there are far too many people that look at size to define a person and I do not want my children doing that. I want my children to look beyond the size to the person.

    However, on the rare occasion that this issue has come up we delicately say some people struggle with their weight, sometimes it's their food choices, other times it's an illness. That's as far as we get.

    I do watch Extreme Weight Loss Makeover and the children have walked in on me watching it on my phone, but all I've said, if I say anything, is these people are working hard to get healthy again and they need help from Chris.

    It's hard. At least I find it hard. I am larger (215-220 lbs) and we really try hard not to put a focus on weight. I had issues growing up, I was an overweight child, developed unhealthy issues as a teen and young 20 year old. I played basketball 3x a week, plus games, walked 30-60 minutes a day and did aerobics 2-3 times a day, just to stay thin and eat pretty much what I wanted. I thought I was fat even when I was thin. I don't have time for that now and haven't since becoming a mom. I slowly gained with each pregnancy and kept it on for the most part. Now that I am probably done having babies and breastfeeding I am hoping it will be easier to lose weight, but I won't be sharing that journey with my impressionable teen girls.
      Hmm.. an honest thought and I could use help with this too. My MIL is so unhealthy it's silly.. very overweight, eats awful, no exercise, sleeps all the time, just a gross lifestyle.. whereas my parents and even my FIL are fit as fiddles. My husband and I already chat about how we would ever approach this with our soon to be kiddo. I understand about being kind and respecting others and teaching children not to jude (like Theresa said), but I also believe in realism and honesty.. and I don't think I will sugar coat (funny pun for this, right?) as to why she is overweight and looks and acts so differently. Her lifestyle hinders her life in EVERY way.. and it's noticeable.. I know my kid will be smart enough to put two and two together. I am sure I will teach respect and differences, but more than anything stress taking care of YOURSELF.
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