My kids are away and the cat will...hmmm. realize how weird it is...

My kids left on Sunday to fly to Texas for their week with their dads family ... They love going there, they are so loved and spoiled and it's great.. Never easy putting them on a plane, even though they travel with their Aunt or Gramma.. Bittersweet letting go... And letting go has a new meaning when you have to literally let them go.. But knowing how well they are treated and how much fun they have and how excited they are to see their daddy makes it all okay...

SO.. I look forward to the time.. It sounds dreamy... 5 full days.. alone.. without snacks and bedtime and baths and fights and games.. and it is nice in a way.. but I gotta say... it is freaking WEIRD around here without them... I miss them.. just for their presence... I find myself not quite sure what to do.. after all the planning of how much i WOULD do.. I've done nothing.. lol...

4 days to go.. This ain't my first rodeo, I know this time flies by quickly and I need to enjoy it...

How would you ladies spend 5 days without your kids? Sounds dreamy a little right??​

    I wouldn't do anything. Nothing at all but relax. Please enjoy it for all us moms who don't get any breaks :)
      Oh girlie.. enjoy! You are such a great Mama for letting them go.. they will look back and always appreciate that.. love you even more when they return :)

      Now.. you MUST not waste this time!

      Do girlie things you have been meaning to do... do QUIET things you have been meaning to do.. go SOMEWHERE you have been meaning to go.. anything really, but make it some major YOU time.. tis the season, to treat yourself.. you are an amazing Mom.. and don't feel an ounce of guilt for doing something you love while they are away.. it will make you all better people.. a better family :)
        8Theresa Gould
        I don't know. I think I'd feel like you. I always feel like I am missing something when I am away longer than a couple hours. Give yourself permission to enjoy it even while missing them, it's ok! Treat yourself like Mandi and Meg suggested. They'll be home before you know it.
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