What does everyone do with their evenings?

After kids are asleep of course? Every evening towards their bed time.. I fantasize that I'm going to sit in candlelight and maybe have a glass of wine and write my novel.. or read my book.. or craft something... or clean out the closet.. but by the time my kids are asleep and it's 8 ish... I find that I end up picking up, sitting on the couch and staring at what terrible shows are on... and then I'm too pooped to do anything... and I feel like I wasted a good evening..

Maybe I just need to realize that I'm old now and a parent.. and being up at 5:30 and going all day.. that my day is OVER at 8.. lol..

Anyone have a hobby they just love to do so much that they do? Share please!!!!!​

    8Theresa Gould
    I watch TV, read or work, if I don't go to sleep myself. Remember I have to be up at 2am, but I never seem to get to bed early enough unless I fall asleep watching TV.
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