Feeling so Thankful!..:)

From the deepest of my heart, I would like to send my gratitude to all the MOMS from this site (moms.com) for everything. For all the help​, concern, guidance and of course for all your prayers. NO matter how hard for us of having been in the devastation for the past few days, I know you'r all there to pray for me and for my family. This help comes from all of you moms, and I know that this would be showed to you as well in million folds. Thank you so much for having you all, and for the people who made this possible (you know who you are)..:) May God bless us always!

Feeling so Thankful!..:)Feeling so Thankful!..:)
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      Aprilrose, I've just saw this post... how could I missed it?
      Thank you much for your update - I'm really happy to see you have got some help.
      Hope nature will not harm your people more... It's terrible to see what is going on Philippines.
      Thank God thinks is going better...

      Do you have any news for now?
      Thanks again so much Mariya.
      Yeah, it was really so terrible, even I was so heart broken to see my fellow countrymen and even my family for what had happen. But, I won't be worried anymore, coz I know that there are people praying for us. Me too keeps on praying for us all. As of now, people are little by little starting for a new life chapter leaving all the bad memories it brought. I was so touched and grateful seeing my fellow Filipinos helping hand in hand. And for all the countries who had lend their help. Thank you seems not enough for all the love you've showed to us all. Thanks to GOD! :)
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