The topic no one wants to talk about.

I find it sort of odd that when we talk about trying to get pregnant, the last thing that we want to talk about is sex. Is it something that is hard for you to talk about? I am someone who likes to keep that part of my life pretty private and I always feel a little odd even talking to the Doctor about it. Maybe it is my generation or just the way that I was raised. How about you?

    I am the same. I don't even tell anyone when we got married because I feel like it is connected to telling about our sex life. I will admit it is hard sometimes still to talk to the doctor about, even during prenatal appointments. It's like "why do you need to know that" lol
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      I remember after I had Tristen my insurance got cancelled and I had to go to planned parenthood to get birth control and the questions they ask are SO personal! I was mortified!
        Ive always felt comfortable with my sex life and talking about it with my doctor and my husband doesn't embarrass me in the slightest.
        I would never talk about it with my friends / family though - that to me is over the line, and I don't really want to hear about theirs either. To me, what happens in my bedroom with my husband is my business! And sometimes the doctor does need to know about it because of other problems we have had.

        I have talked to and asked my mom about things though we just have that kind of relationship.
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