Been gone for awhile.

Hello ladies =) Been gone for awhile. A lot has been going on. How is everybody, and how are your beautiful little babies =) We are doing good. Tysons 3rd birthday is in a few weeks.. very excited! Levi is talking my ear off now he is such a awesome baby, so happy. Greg is finally doing better in school! I got in a car wreck a couple weeks ago. ETC ETC... A LOT has been happening. Comment ladies I would love to hear from you.

    It's good to see everyone is doing well...except for your car wreck, I hope you are feeling better after that :-) we are all doing well here. I have a talker on my hands too, day and night non-stop! lol
      Melissa Middleton
      I hope you all were alright (in the wreck). :(
      Kids grow up too fast, don't they? My youngest is almost nine months. It feels as though I just had him. It's insane. We may or may not be having another, we will find out in a few days. Talk about a surprise. Lol
      Other than that, my daughter is reading better and enjoy her new teacher and school.
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