Hello mommies!!! ????!!!

My daugther just started 2 days ago going to the bathroom, she did pipi the first day and the next day popo. She told me "i wanna do..," Im so happy about that!! When i should consider that she is potty trainned? What i can call this success? What is the next step to do??? She still using diapers, sometimes with underwear. Help mommies! Thanksss

    Do her diapers stay dry? Does she tell you she has to go before she wets herself? Maybe trying a few hours without the diaper and just the undies to see what happens. And if she pees herself just put on a new pair. Talk about how it feels to go peepee and maybe she will understand the sensation before she wets herself.

    I used to potty train toddlers when I worked at a day care. But every child is different but it sound like to me she is almost there!
      I would maybe try her without the diapers the whole day and night and see how she does. She may be ready to be fully potty trained.
      That's awesome!!! Yeah I would suggest using them in the night untill she gets the hang of it! The way I did it with my toddlers at the daycare was undies all day even if there were accidents( I asked parents to bring in at least 5 pairs of undies and pants and a bag of pull-ups just in case and we would try it 5 times a day untill they were dry all day and asking to use the potty! Sometimes they would wet all 5 and they why I asked for the pull ups as well! Some of them felt the sensation and then peed before they got to the toilet but that is good because they are recognizing. Good luck with your little girl!
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