Got a minute to catch up with everyone.

Finally got a cool morning here where I live in Florida. The high this morning was around 60 degrees. Feels good for a change. High is going to to around mid to upper 70's. Got up at 6 with my SO to get him cooler ready for lunch and spend some time with him. He left about 7:15ish. Got the clothes washed by hand this time and hung out on the line for the day. All of this by a little after 8 in the morning.

Ashley is still in bed sleeping which is not like her. Normally she is up by no later than 8 so I am taking so more well deserved mommy time this morning and catching up with all the mom's on here this morning.

Have a great Sunday ladies.

    Sounds like a productive day today. I am going to be spending the afternoon hanging laundry outside on the line as well. Gotta love the smell of air dried clothes :-)
    That is great. I have a drying rack that I hang mine on but I want to put up a clothes line.
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