Nap Strike

We have a full blown nap strike going on in this house. We are on day 4. She is so tired and cranky it is ridiculous. She also doesn't sleep great at night when she doesn't nap well during the night time has been a bear too.​ She recently has learned to pull up on things so she just stands in her crib and cries. Up until this week she's a great napper and sleeps through the night. We just seem to be going through something this week...hopefully this phase passes quickly.

Just leave her to tire herself out completely? At a loss. This girl NEEDS to sleep.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Is she teething? If she's pulling herself up and crying, has she figured out how to get herself down yet? My first did that too and just got stuck standing and cried so I'd help her.

    Is she going through a growth spurt and wanting to eat more even at night?

    Have you tried taking her for a drive just to lull her to sleep since she is struggling so much?
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