Hello ladies

​Hello ladies.... That husband of mine is dum sometimes. I spoke with Tuliek and he says sorry for coming on here and spamming y'all. We both run the same business so he just went about it wrong. Told him not to use my login info on windows 7, gotta put a password on my thing

    )) Kylani, it's funny storry)) What is your business?
      Sorry about that Mandi. We saw this site last night and I told him to read the TOS. But he says it's too long to read as we're both vision impaired, he just uses a magnifier to use the computer, I use a program called zoomtext which is a magnifier and screen reader, but he's a good guy, I love em. He just does dum well you know lol
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        Hi Kylani!
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        Hello all My name's Kylani and I'm 30 years old. I am married to a wonderful man. We've been married for a year now. And that's pretty much it!
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