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​This is the truth to some teenagers this day and age.Some are missing the love and affection that they need as a child, and they feel like by them having a baby, they have found someone to love them unconditionally.

I would like to encourage these young individuals to go talk to your parents/ guardians or someone that you trust about the way that you are feeling. There may be some underlying feelings that are making you feel abandoned,lonely,unhappy, or whatever the emotion may be.

Believe me, you want to establish the essesnce of who you are before you have to be resposible for someone else's life. Live your life to the fullest! There will be time for marriage, kids, and greater responsibility in the future!

Moms Expertise
    I love your title, Ashley! I should totally agree with all your words...

    I know some teenage moms here and they are really nice and carring, but I would not recomend to have a baby in teenage..
      8Theresa Gould
      So very true. Good words to live by, unless someone is already a teen mom. Then they need love and encouragement to be the best mom despite their age.
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