Natural ways to induce labor... HELP.

Is there anything i can possibly do to get my son out of me sooner? Anything that will put me into labor? Help !!!

    8Theresa Gould
    Your baby needs to be inside of you until at least 37 weeks. We all get impatient but try to relax and rest so you are ready for when baby does come.
      32 weeks is way to soon to induce labor. At 32 weeks your baby will not be able to breath on his own. He will need to spend weeks in the NICU getting help with breathing, eating, staying warming, etc. I know that the last trimester of pregnancy can be really tough. Is there anything that is really bothering you that we can help give you advice on?
        Hey there Talexuis.. I am sure you might be uncomfortable, but that baby is not full term yet so you definitely should not be trying to induce labor! Have you had a recent doctor's appointment? You should be weekly, right? Your baby still needs many more weeks to grow and develop INSIDE you, it would be too dangerous to get them out now :) Try to relax, draw a nice bath, get a massage.. it won't be long!
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        I am a soon to be mother . 16 years of age & scared to death about having this baby .my mom is not supportive , my dad is 100%. Dont really have any mother roles to help me out in this pregnancy , so any advice would be great due Nov 26 2014