Something I am struggling with, what's your struggle?

I feel bad even admitting this because I KNOW how wrong I am to feel this way. That I should be thankful for my lot in life and not to be envious of anyone else. But I struggle so much with this one particular situation.

Here's the scenario. I'm not perfect, but I try my best. I am self sufficient, I raise my kids with VERY little help and I really try to be a good person. Someone else close to me is a complete screw up, lies, steals, does drugs... and everyone runs around behind them trying to clean up their messes. To the point where my children and I get shoved off to the side.

So I am struggling with humility I suppose. I need to stop comparing myself to someone else and be happy with being able to hold my head high and take care of myself and my kids. But holy heck it burns my ass.

What are you struggling with lately?

    Honestly Melissa I know how you feel. I have an older sister (she's 3 years older, has 5 kids, she works and her husband works also) and a younger sister (she is 6 years younger than me, no kids, divorced). Both my parents "baby" both my sisters. They all live in my parents house. My older sister and her family have half the house and my parents charge them close to nothing for rent and babysit whenever she wants them to AND even take her kids to school or pick them up. My younger sister lives rent free with my parents and doesn't work. I visit from time to time. They are 100% dependent on my parents and this is somehow "OK". I used to be very angry but now I just feel sorry for my poor old parents and feel sorry for my sisters. At their ages they should be self sufficient grown ups but they will always be oovergrown, dependent children. I'm lucky. Try and see it this way and you can let go of the anger and frustration.
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