I would love to know how many Mamas co-sleep! :)

Did you do it at first but now do not? Or vice versa?

Do you notice you all sleep better? Do you wish you didn't?

We SOMETIMES co-sleep with Monroe.. sometimes we wish we didn't, just to get a better nights sleep.. but sometimes I remember he's only little for so long.

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      We co-slept with Andrew and Eva for about a year... and now regret we didn't make them sleep in their own beds. We can't get Andrew to sleep in his bed now, but Eva will at least fall asleep in hers. They are both usually in our bed by the end of the night.

      During the winter, we sometimes just bring everybody into our room because the heating system doesn't go into the kids' rooms, so if it gets really cold we don't even try to make them sleep in their rooms and they just sleep in our room.
        Depending on the night, say if she just wont go to sleep unless shes next to me i'll prop a body pillow under her and hold her until shes asleep, sometimes during night feeding she ends up sleeping with me so I can get some sleep. Most nights she's in the crib and if she gets up at 5, I nurse her and cuddle til 7. Works for us.
          Bethany Reilly
          I did for the first few weeks. Then he slept in the swing or car seat. Then to the basinet at 3 months. I'm a freak when it comes to SIDS. And I also don't want it to become habit. He did sleep with me when he had his six month shots and he had a high fever. But we only do if we absolutely have to.
            Bentley always starts in his bed but by morning he's with me. We have a queen sized bed though so it's not really co sleeping, just I'm closer if he does need me.
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