How long does it take to get pregnant? (Hint: don't wait 12 months to see the doctor!)

I've seen a bunch of posts here recently about it regularly taking 6-12 months to conceive, and I wanted to put some other information out there. Personally, I do not agree with this timeframe, based on quite a lot of research/reading that I did when I was first TTC (11 years ago!!). If a woman understands properly how her body and cycle work, and especially if she is tracking her ovulation, she should be pregnant in about 4 months' time - 6 months would be too much. If you are being deliberate in timing sexual activity, and you're not pregnant after 4 months, I wouldn't wait even one minute longer.Why not at least do some of the easy tests, such as determining your partner's sperm count/motility and your own hormonal levels. Sometimes, there are straight-forward reasons for fertility issues. Of course, in many cases, the tests for the woman can be quite onerous and invasive, but I see no need to wait 6-12 months if you know what you are doing...By contrast, if you're just having sex willy nilly without birth control and not really trying to time it, then yes, even for a fertile couple, it can take up to a year.

I guess what I'm saying is - if you want to have a baby, do research on charting your cycle, start charting for a few months and speak to a doctor sooner rather than later. Why stress yourself out for a year when you don't have to? I would highly recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertitlity, which explains these concepts in an easy-to-understand fashion and even gives you example charts to follow. Good luck!

    I agree with you, the up to a year recommendation is for the average women who is just coming off birth control, who is not tracking her cycle. If you are tracking your cycle and understand ovulation then I agree, don't wait more than a few months before talking to your doctor about your options.
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      I agree too. It only took us a couple of months, but we were only using a condom so I didn't have to get any drugs out of my system or wait for my cycle to be regular.
        Before my first pregnancy, I was on the pill, and it took a couple of months before I had a "real" cycle. After that, I always used either the diaphragm or condoms, so I didn't have any waiting game.
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