Portion Sizes: How Big or Small Should They Be?

The average American portion size has increased dramatically since the 1950s with the average restaurant meal being four times as large. American adults weigh, on average, 26 pounds more today than in the 1950s. A Jan. 2013 Public Health and Nutrition Journal study found that 96% of entrees at chain restaurants exceeded dietary guidelines for fat, sodium, and saturated fat--some coming close to exceeding recommended daily intake maximums for sodium with just one meal. See below for the recommended serving sizes of common foods according to the CDC, FDA, and other experts.
What is you portion size?
I'm trying to eat small meals 4 times a day. My normal breakfast includes 1/2 cup of homemade yogurt, 1 egg and 1 cup of green tea with honey.
Snack: 1 banana
Lunch: meat or fish with steamed vegetables, water
2nd snack: some cottage cheese
Dinner: usually rice or baked potato and salad

    I think our portion sizes are WAY to big these days. I try and keep them on the smaller side for our family. I have found that if I season food well (but not too much) that we eat smaller amounts and are satisfied easier. I use a lot of herbs in our food so that we get a richer flavor.
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