The search..

I used to think I'd know exactly what to name my kids... until I was pregnant.. I got stuck on a few names for weeks at a time.. all in hindsight turned out to be dogs names...

I always tried to figure out if there was a name I liked, what kids could rhyme with it.. My friend thought I was crazy, but I warned her.. even the coolest names can rhymes with something and as silly as that seems now, to a kid... no way...

Example: She was stuck in the name Carter for her son... I kept my mouth shut.. I won't be that person that craps on a name.. I hated it... SO.. she asked me about it one day and I smiled and said, great.. But she knows me.. and she said,, what? What rhymes with it? I looked at her .. really? Carter the farter???

His names is Jack. ​

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    8Theresa Gould
    lol! Oh my goodness, are brazen.
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