Do you tell people the name you have picked out?

I highly recommend Not doing so... Here's why.. Anytime we told a friend or a family member the names we liked, there was ALWAYS one person that hated it or knew a kid in school by that name that was the nose picker or had an Aunt that was that name and hated her... etc...

I stopped telling people.. as you're so fragile pregnant and names are so personal.. I didn't want anyone to ruin one for us.. So, we kept it a secret.. and then... what horrible mean person could say something bad about a NEW baby? and it's name?? No one...

I say keep it to yourself.. ​

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    8Theresa Gould
    We did with most of our children, a couple we didn't, if I remember correctly. I guess we didn't have anyone around us truthful enough to diss on our names.
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        We will NOTTTT be telling a soul! Even my parents who I talk to daily! And they are totally okay with it. We aren't finding out the sex.. we have the names pretty much picked either way.. and I got to thinking.. wouldn't it be nice if the BABY knew their OWN name before everyone else did? ha A silly thought.

        But it always peeves me when ladies announce their child's name when they are pregnant.. I don't know why.. but it just annoys the stuffing out me :)
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