Crazy calf and cow escapades!

Our new calf went missing for 24 hours over the weekend. Thankfully, we found him and brought him back safe and sound. Not a mark on him. But what a scare! Now he and his mama are locked in their stall until we can get the electric fencing strong enough and calf proof.

Then our older cow, Miss Moo, went into heat about a week early. We had someone tell us that Comet (our heifer that gave birth) could have triggered her heat. The farm who is willing to take her to their farm for a date with their bull could not come and get her due to their trailer being full of hay. So in two weeks Miss Moo will get her date with a bull! Anyhoo, this heat made Moo crazier than normal. She has been charging through fencing, chasing cars - our pasture runs along a busy rural road and she was running with the cars back and forth! She was trying to mate anything and everything not tied down or so it seemed. We had to separate her from Comet so Comet and the calf wouldn't get hurt.

We really think Miss Moo has calf fever! She really wants a calf it seems. Here's to hoping her date with the bull goes very well in a couple of weeks!

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
8Theresa Gould
Cowrazy, that's a new word, @Meg! Love it!

The calf actually got across our busy road to our neighbors. They did not catch him until he was 3-4 houses down and these houses have acreage so it was probably a half a mile down the road.

I am sure hoping the cow/bull date is successful!
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