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I was looking at some pages on Facebook last night and in true Facebook fashion it gave me suggestions for friends.. My hubby's neices and nephews came up (I'm not family enough for them to like me). So since they came up I decided to see if I was still blocked or not. Apparently not by the kids... What scared me was that the 9 year old and 11 year old have public profiles and have lied about their age (not just to make it 13, but have it set so they are 'adults'). That's just plain dangerous.
I do agree that some kids at 12 have the maturity to have that responsibility when monitored by mom and dad, but these kids do not-nor are they monitored..
So I implore you moms, please check for your kids on Facebook to make sure they haven't done so behind your back and please don't let them lie about their age.
What especially scares me about this, is that the 9 year old LOOKS like she could be a lot older and with a public profile and pedophiles in town... I think most of you moms can get where I'm going with this..
I said something on my page in hopes that the family their parents do consider family, will notice and say something.

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    :( I'm sorry it's a fight about it. I hope I don't have a fight about it with my oldest and her dad.
      Kids don't belong on Facebook. It is just dangerous. I will not be letting my kids on Facebook until they are old enough to be on the site. When they are old enough they will have private profile, that I will have login information for and that I will be checking in on, on a daily basis. The internet is a dangerous place.
      That will be the rules in our house, too. They have to be old enough in maturity level, too.
        8Theresa Gould
        Only our oldest has a profile and we are friends/family so I can see what she posts. She only was allowed due to her blogging activities...then she got older. The rest of our children are not getting anywhere near it for a long time.
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