So I was surfing through some profiles... and I got the sense that some may be fake. I'm getting a lot of red flags about one of them in particular. Nothing really makes sense and she avoids questions or switches topics when asked about her children. Now I could be 100% wrong... but I really don't think I am. lol

So my question would be has anyone ever encountered someone, whether it be on here or a different website, that you knew just wasn't who they said they were?

    8Theresa Gould
    We try to give the benefit of the doubt first. Then we go from there.
      Hiding behind the computer lets people be whoever they want to be for a time. Ignoring them normally helps move them move on to other places.
        I definitely try to give the benefit of the doubt first as well.

        I've actually been accused of being an "internet troll" on a different website because of how advanced my daughter was. No one could believe that my daughter was hitting milestones early because she was a six week old preemie. It upset me enough that I wrote an email to the site creator telling her I felt very disrespected and like I was attacked and then left the site, never to return. So yes. I definitely try and give the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes it is just obvious that the person is a fake. In such a case, I don't interact with the person at all. And I would never flat out go and accuse a person or "call someone out" for being a fake. I just kind of watch the action. :)
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