Hi mommies :(

I really feel sad... I just need to vent this because even you guys dont know me i hope get some support from here... Im 26 years, my family and friends are in Peru, here i just know a few people that are not really close to me, my husband works as a wrecker driver mostly time he is on calls, meaning we dont really have time to enjoy as a family, he have days of but just 2 days once a month... I live in a rural area., small town, i try ti get my driver license and i fail in the practice test, we have a minivan that was a little hard to park :(, i hang out with my mother in law and sister in law sometimes but are once a month... This is really hard... Dont be able to get out with my little one sucks! I wanna have funn with her, i really love to spend time just with my littlw one, she make me happy, i feel sad because i see my little girl get stressout in the house, she wanna play with other kids and i cant do nothing to change that! Im try to be patience, but still hard... We do fun stuff around the house like dancing, singing, painting,... Watching movies, still not enought i cant tell all this to my husband because thats means arguments... I dont need that.. Just need support,. Thank you girls for reading my post ;(

    Is there a library near by? The library is free, almost all of them offer a story time for little kids. It is a great way to meet other moms in the area.

    Since you can't go out what about inviting some other moms and their kids to come over to your house for a play group?
    Thank you Meg! I wish i can be consider more closer to them but they are different, diferent toughts and sometimes its hard to agree in some things... They are cool but not really... Sometimes is better make your on match with people that think like you... :((((( the other day i was in trouble because i give a candy to my daugther in front of my nephew, and imy mother in law told me... Dont do that if front of other kids thats bad, you are making think that she is special, i told her wasnt my intention, i just tought i cant give hom any candy because he dont ussually eat good, and her mom wasent in there to tell me its ok to give him... But... I dont wanna figth so i just listen to her... :/
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        8Theresa Gould
        I think all you can do is get your practice driving in and take the test again.

        You like to craft, can you keep busy making homemade Christmas gifts? I think it is important not to focus on what you can or cannot do but what you can do. Thinking positively and making the best of your situation is what will help you through this time until you get your license.

        Have you tried meeting anyone in your area? Do you have neighbors?
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