I successfully navigated my way around the T.V. channels so as not to have to watch Jeopardy...I hate that show and my husband loves it. Every night that I'm able to avoid it I do a little inward happy dance :-) any shows you hate that you're happy if you don't have to watch?

    I hate that show too and my husband likes to watch it. We don't have tv anymore so I get to chose what I want most of the time on Netflix or Hulu. I do have to watch some of his boring boy shows.
    I am glad I am not alone in my Jeopardy hatred! lol It is one of my Dad's favorite shows so I grew up watching it every night. Ugh! I think the worst for me is Star Trek...again I grew up having to watch it and my husband loves it. Sometimes I have to watch it but I normally find something else to do.
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