Teething trouble...PLEASE HELP!

My beautiful 10 month old baby girl is teething and SUPER fussy. I think she has a little cold on top of it because she's a little stuffed up. She is usually an angel and never fussy but now she won't stop complaining, whining and crying. Plus she refuses to nap and is waking up 4-5 times at night. I have given her Tylenol, teething tabs, teethers and lots of love to no avail. Any suggestions??

    When its close to taking a nap, make it dark and quiet or play soft classical music, give her a cold teether or nurse her. Just keep calm and soothe her, it's rough getting new teeth. My daughter is getting her 8th tooth coming in, She loves a frozen wash cloth. Some days are better than others, you'll get through. Hugs!
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